like most hair-brained ideas, livesavvy started with a conversation around the water cooler. i was obsessed with a green floral lawn weight headband i had just purchased from banana republic, and said to an equally smitten co-worker: “too bad we can’t make these ourselves and sell them on the internet.”

more than ten years later, i still have that headband; i wore it for the births of both my children. i LOVE that headband. the idea of making my own continued to stir in my mind until, in 2007, my yoga instructor ann fink of annie fink designs introduced me to project regina, a sewing collective of refugees and immigrants. this group of amazing, strong women was the missing part of the puzzle: they were sewers, and they were local! my 3-year-old daughter, with her precious mop of chestnut hair, inspired the first batch of headbands. although i originally designed them for little girls, the finished product came back too big and fit me instead. call it kismet, but that’s how livesavvy was born. i’ve been perfecting the design, fabric and fit every since, to ensure that my headband becomes your favorite headband. i hope that it will last you as long as the trusty one I bought a decade ago.

livesavvy headbands are sewn by project regina in minneapolis, mn. each year a percentage of all sales go to the tubman alliance, a pioneer in family violence prevention nationwide.

thank you for supporting the cause!



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